Le'Ruedunfrei VII
Fine Art
Le'Ruedunfrei V
Le'Ruedunfrei VIII : Quantum Conscious
Le'Ruedunfrei VIII : Quantum Conscious
The Front Porch
The Front Porch
Starstuff #1
Starstuff #1
Starstuff #1
Into The Light
Into The Light
Mother Earth No 809
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"Mandy's art takes me inside my imagination and dreams."
- Ginger Elliott
Back Cover
Front Cover
"To the woman who brought my Arwen to life: Words could never express the gratitude and awe I have every moment I see this painting; you are what any artist should aspire to be."
- Amanda Sauter, author of Arwen: Hollow Mountain (Vol I)
Title Text Art
Final Book Cover
Art by M.E.
is Featured In Space
This Collectors Piece is a part of the 'Earth Art' digital gallery in space.
It is being taken to the Asteroid (101955) Bennu by the NASA mission OSIRIS-REx. 
The primary goal of the mission is to return samples from the asteroid to Earth in 2023.  
This mission is vital to the future of planetary protection from asteroids, like Bennu, which will eventually collide with Earth. 

September 22, 2017 the OSIRIS-REx craft will be flying by Earth for a gravity assist toward the asteroid Bennu. 

Learn More about this Mission here: www.asteroidmission.org 
Shower Curtain
Phone Case
What if you owned
a painting of your dream?
Literally - what if you owned a painting of a dream that you had? Have you ever dreamed (or daydreamed!) something you wish lived on canvas so you could enjoy it whenever you want? 

Let M.E. - Look Past It listen to your dream and the things that resonated with you, and she will paint her interpretation in the colors you want in the size you like. Click below to get started. 
Beyond the Paint
M.E. writes about dreams, consciousness, paradoxes of perception, and more in the forms of poetry and short stories. 
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